Glove box with 2 separate pairs of gloves for working with air-sensitive materials

Lab Mission Statement

The overarching goal of our research lab is to tackle challenges in the current-generation and to foster innovations for next-generation electrochemical energy storage devices and systems. We collaborate with researchers and scientists worldwide in universities, research labs and industries to bring scientific and technological solutions and innovations to the real-world applications. One of the major missions of the lab is to train, mentor and foster undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoc researchers who will become the next-generation leading engineers, researchers, and scientists in the field of energy storage research and development.  

Research Interests 

Our research interests in electrochemical energy storage include primary lithium batteries, rechargeable Li-ion batteries, next-generation Li-ion batteries (Li metal anode, all-solid-sate), beyond Li-ion battery chemistries (Li-sulfur, Li-air), and supercapacitors (symmetric, asymmetric). The scope of our research includes fundamental, material-level studies (electrodes, electrolytes, separators) and integrated, cell-level investigations and optimizations.


501 E St Joseph St, Rapid City, SD 57701
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